The Bus

Normally I don’t talk about what goes on at work. Which is pretty amazing considering that no one even knows I can talk – or think or feel for that matter. But I can. People only see me as a few tons of cold metal on 4 wheels, something they get on and off of, that charters them around town.

My great, great grandmother was a carriage pulled by two horses and I’m a bus, so it runs in the family. I have my regulars, some go to work or others ride me all day long just to kill time. Oldladies, smallchildren, homeless people, workers, basically a random variety of society. They sit inside me, some write silly things on my seats andothers stand in my aisles.

No one though has ever paid any real attention to me. I know that for sure because I can read minds. Not too many busses can, but I guess you could say I have this special gift.

It’s more entertaining than useful. You’d be amazed at the thoughts I’ve read. Most are boring, shopping lists or things to do – but others knock me over.

Like the guy who looked as if he ate nails for breakfast, reciting love poems in his mind! Or the grandma with her shameless fantasy about the bus driver! Those are highlights in an otherwise pretty predictable life. The same route, the same drivers, the sameold, same old.

Until that one day when two people I had never seen before happened to meet on row three, seats 9 and 10. It was just a spark at first but the moment their eyes met, the fireworks started.

That’s when I found out I could also read hearts.

I scanned their thoughts. It was sobering. Their hearts cried out yes, their minds said no. They were both spoken for. They lived in different places.

How I wanted to help them! It was a Shakespeare tragedy on wheels. I picked up on their sadness and pain. They were going through every emotion love has to offer and I couldn’t do anything about it.

I was dizzy with despair and yet I knew that this was destiny I was watching.

I stopped for a moment. Here I was, just a regular bus, part of this unbelievable event! It was happening within me and I took a deep and pensive breath before I went on. This was love at its purest! I was in awe.

He got off at 4th and 7th Street. She stayed on until the end of the line.

I often wonder how their story went. Did they ever live out their dream? Or were they just two worlds passing by?