So Long

5219 days. That doesn’t really sound like an awful lot. That’s 14 years and 3 months. Looking back, I can truly say I wouldn’t want to miss one single day together. Each one was a gift with you.

What you gave me was trust and in return, I showed you a loyalty you’d never known. There’s no way you can pretend something like that. Never once did you betray or hurt me. And one time, I remember how you put a gold medal around my neck. It read: “First Place in Unconditional Love.” That’s exactly what you gave to me! We were inseparable and understood each other without words.

But now the house is empty and sometimes you forget that and call out my name when you open the door. The silence weighs heavy on you, I can see that from where Iam. I long to look into your eyes and let you know I’m alright. I was always there to comfort you and now it hurts me to see you miss me so much.

You still go for long walks along our old route and I know you pretend that I’m right by your side. I want you to know that I am. I never left you, I only went on ahead.

The fields here are bigger and brighter and I can run like the wind, like a youngster again. I have a lot of new friends to play with here; but I still grieve.

14 years and 3 months. That’s about 78 dog years. I wish I could have had that in human years.

So long, my friend, thank you for your love. Now it’s time to say good-bye.