Behind The Hero

My head hit the mat with a thud and I was flat on my back. I wasn’t sure if I would make it this time but when I heard the referee say “8” Iwas already up. I shook myself off, clenched my fists and was ready to fight. It wasin the middle of the 9thround. I was champion, a hero to a lot of people and I never gave up.

It went on like this for 2 more rounds. I was taking a beating but I took every jab for the people who believed in me and I was giving them all I had.

But by round 11 it looked like I had another win, I would keep the belt! I would remain undefeated once again.

Then something strange happened between the 11th and 12thround. I was sitting in my corner on my stool, listening to my trainer and it seemed as if time stood still for a moment.

It was long enough for me to feel something else. An urge so strong, I had to follow. I didn’t want to be a hero anymore. I wanted to be weak and lose for once. I wanted to tell the world what I feel. I finally knew what I needed: freedom

I left the ring before the 12th round ever started and never looked back.

I found my freedom. I won my life back