As far as I know there aren’t any photographs or movies of me. And certainly no interviews. I would know that for sure.

Still quite a few people believe in my existence. And whether you believe in me or not, I am privy to your deepest desires. I know your most troubling fears. I can see straight into your heart.

So when I got the message that my ward was considering the most drastic of all things – to end it all – I had to do something to stop him. I felt his pain and I didn’t have much time to give him the normal trail of signs which a human can usually translate into solutions for a happy end.

This guy was sitting in a bar drunk as hell and had one foot dangling in heaven. And it wasn’t his time yet!

I had to pull a quick trick out of the hat. I did something that very few of my kind have ever done. I appeared to him as a luminous being and let him know that I was there for him.

And that he still had a lot of good to do on earth. I asked him to stand by me and to never give up. That I was his ribbon of light. And he listened in awe.

That was a long time ago. Sometimes after a whiskey or two, he’ll tell his tale but most of the time no one really believes him.

If more people would let love into their lives, the world wouldbe a better place.

That’s what I’m here for.